Why Choose Us?

Because we work for free. When we save you more in taxes than you pay us, our services are “free.” How do we do that? We…

-think outside the tax box, leverage 250+ tax strategies, & save clients $19k in taxes on average

-give you financial peace of mind

Even if you already have a CPA or accountant, we work with them to make sure you keep as much of your money as possible. You’ve worked hard for your money. And you should keep it.

Tax Strategy Explained

Tax Strategy – or tax planning, same thing – is how you SAVE BIG on your taxes. Throughout the year, you sit down with your Tax Strategist to make financial decisions that minimize your taxes.

I already have an accountant for my business. So you do the same thing?

Yes and no. All CPAs have the same info and access to the Tax Code to do tax planning. But how many accountants and CPAs have you met who…

-meet with clients regularly during the year? use upwards of 200 strategies to minimize clients’ tax burdens?

-help their clients reduce their taxes in every way possible? give their clients financial peace of mind?

Can we also file your taxes in the spring? Of course

Can we also do your monthly bookkeeping and payroll? Of course

Tax Strategy is our bread and butter. It’s where our clients benefit the most.

Tax Strategy

We help business owners lower their taxes. What does that mean?

You get financial peace of mind.

You keep more of your money.

You make better financial decisions.

You build generational wealth.

And more.


We use QuickBooks Online to track your company’s numbers. What does that mean?

You can double down on top products/services.

You get approved for more loans/mortgages

Your income goes up.

Your taxes go down.

And more.

Tax Prep

We file taxes before April (if we get all documents on time). What does that mean for you?

You stay in tax compliance.

Your business stays in compliance.

You avoid audits.

And more.


We handle and run your payroll for employees. What does that mean for you?

Less headaches.

We do sales and payroll taxes on time. Every time.

Your employees stay happy.

And more.

Ready to save big on taxes? Apply for a consultation with someone from our team. If approved and we’re a good fit for you, you’ll be able to book a call on our calendar. Thanks!