Why Choose Me?

Because I work for free. When I save you more in taxes than you pay me, my services are “free.”

Even if you already have a CPA, my job is to make sure you keep as much of your money as possible, by leveraging any and all of the 250+ tax strategies available to business owners.

You’ve worked hard for your money. And you should keep it.

Tax Prep vs Tax Planning

Tax prep is prepping to file and pay your taxes, but NOTHING about lowering your taxes. You just gather all your documents, W2, K1, 1099s, etc. sometime in early spring. Your ‘tax guy’ punches the numbers into his tax software. A week later, you get a tax bill and a bill for his services.

Tax Planning – or tax strategy, same thing – is where you actually SAVE BIG. You sit down with your Tax Strategist throughout the year and make calculated decisions at the right time to minimize your taxes for that year.

Tax planning is how you pay your kids $12,000 a year tax free (2022) and also get a tax deduction for the business.

It’s how you rent your house to your business and get a tax deduction.

This is how you write off a vacation.

Tax planning is how you keep the money you worked your a** off to earn.

Tax Strategy

We help business owners lower their taxes. What does that mean?

You keep more of your money.

You make better financial decisions.

You build generational wealth.

And more.


We use QuickBooks Online to track your company’s numbers. What does that mean?

You know your top selling products/services.

Then you double down on those.

And your income goes up.

And more.

Tax Prep

We file your taxes before April (assuming we get all your documents ahead of time). What does that mean for you?

You stay in tax compliance.

You get approved for mortgages and loans.

And more.