A board member at a nonprofit I worked with had his organization switch from Sage to QuickBooks after watching some YouTube videos about automating accounting tasks.

Automating your accounting through QuickBooks can certainly be the smart move…if you have a professional doing the switch.

Well, they didn’t. The bookkeeper they had was “cheap.” And they got what they paid for.

The bookkeeper didn’t know how to properly transfer information from Sage to QuickBooks. And next thing you know, all their bank accounts, software, and other programs imported and set up all their accounting info wrong.

And when the audit came around, the auditors saw nothing from that year tied to the previous one.

To fix it, the organization’s audit bill went through the roof. As did the headaches.

This happened three years ago and they’re still finding problems in every audit now.

Automating your accounting is smart. Just make sure you have a professional accountant overseeing it.

Outsource your accounting so that you can properly automate it.

If you are struggling with this, please book a call as soon as possible.