Businesses should outsource their accounting reason #7,342

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A couple bookkeepers I worked with before knew basic accounting. Debits, credits, that stuff. But they didn’t have the knowledge a pro would.

Eventually, their business grew large enough that they needed an annual audit – a good problem to have.

But they had a bad problem on their hands. The bookkeepers’ made a ton of errors. It wasn’t really their fault, though. How would they know?

The auditors spent twice as long making a huge number of adjustments fixing all the mistakes. And the cost of the audit skyrocketed past the originally proposed estimate.

After that nightmare, the organization hired a CPA to oversee the accounting. Sure enough, the next year’s audit bill, as expected, went way down with a professional now in charge..

Outsourcing your accounting needs does cost some money in the short run. But it saves you exponentially more in the long run.

If you are struggling with this, please book a call as soon as possible.