I Watched A Video On YouTube About It, So… (Don’t Be That Guy)

A board member at a nonprofit I worked with had his organization switch from Sage to QuickBooks after watching some YouTube videos about automating accounting tasks. Automating your accounting through QuickBooks can certainly be the smart move…if you have a professional doing the switch. Well, they didn’t. The bookkeeper they had was “cheap.” And they […]

Businesses should outsource their accounting reason #7,342

A couple bookkeepers I worked with before knew basic accounting. Debits, credits, that stuff. But they didn’t have the knowledge a pro would. Eventually, their business grew large enough that they needed an annual audit – a good problem to have. But they had a bad problem on their hands. The bookkeepers’ made a ton […]

Nonprofit In-House Accounting Horror Story #1

A nonprofit I worked with previously decided to give bookkeeping duties to their grant writers. And this was on top of their normal grant writing duties. Not in lieu of. Slowly but surely, they started focusing more on bookkeeping and admin tasks instead of grant writing. And of course, the organization fell well short of […]


Are the headaches of doing your own accounting “worth” the savings of not hiring someone? You may be saving money, but how much time are you wasting not growing your organization? Would you rather save money and worry about your financials being wrong OR pay for the peace of mind knowing it’s correct? A lot […]